Ocean Freight


Ocean transit is an excellent way to import your goods into the country. Our close proximity to the major ports allows us to easily receive shipments and distribute them across the country. We'll see your shipments from origin to destination, wherever they may be.

Glance Uganda Logistica handles various break bulk, containerized and less container loads through the port of Mombasa and Dar salaam port. We also export to international destinations all over the world. These goods range from machinery, vehicles and other merchandise. We will be pleased to give you a timetable of your departure and arrival of your shipments to your intended destinations.

With our road freight customs bonds in place Glance Uganda Logistica will be able to arrange delivery from the seaport to your final destination inland. We provide logistics distribution in Uganda, as well as cross border movements i.e. south Sudan, Congo Rwanda, Burundi. With our road haulage service you can be sure that Glance Uganda Logistica will be able to collect and deliver local and international cargo to and from Uganda.

We are a fully accredited customs clearing agent at the ports of Mombasa and Daresalaam. The Uganda Rail system remains a great way to move your non time sensitive bulk shipments from Mombasa to Uganda. This slow but economical and reliable service can play a crucial role in your supply chain.